News: Swildons Rescue 11 February 2016

In the early hours of the 11 February, a rescue took place in Swildon’s Hole, Priddy, on the Mendips.

Swildon’s 20″ pitch, photo courtesy of Peter Glanvill

This following report has been received from Nigel Taylor, who acted as MCR surface controller:

“An initial party of four MCR personel went underground at 03.00 hrs, carrying “First strike kit” with the purpose of locating and attending to the ‘Casualty’.

Further information came to the surface that necessitated a further four MCR cavers going underground with ‘heavier’ equipment which included the hot air, slings, and ropes etc.

It was quickly confirmed that a 27 year old male had fallen down the 20, but initial rumours that he had broken his leg were unfounded, however, he was found to have a probable broken arm. Analgesia was applied by an MCR medic, and after appropriate ‘packaging’ the casualty was brought to the surface and placed in an ambulance at 05.18 hrs this morning.

A total of ten MCR personnel went underground, with a further ten assembled on standby on the surface. All MCR personnel were out of the cave by 05.45 hrs, and all kit was removed to the MRO store for cleaning.”

Our thanks go to Nigel for this report and, of course, to the cavers who turned out in the middle of the night to help one of their own.