News: Urgent Appeal – Floods in the North

MCR Flood Appeal Poster

Cavers know all about self-help. We all have to be very self-reliant in all that we do underground. And this is reflected in the fact that all cave rescue teams are completely voluntary organisations manned by cavers who will never refuse to come out to any caver in distress, or non-caver, whether a curious rambler who gets into trouble, or a farm animal or pet that gets into dire straits in places where cave rescue skills are important.

It can be no surprise, then, to know that fellow cavers have been involved in the rescue of people from the terrible floods in the north of the country in recent days.

As a response to these selfless actions, the Somerset-based Mendip Cave Rescue team have set up an appeal for funds to help those working tirelessly to help others. As I write this, yet another flood warning is going out on the TV news.

Details of the appeal can be found at the link below, so please do what you can to help out. If we dig as deep as we do to find new caves, then the campaign should be very successful.

Click here: Mendip Cave Rescue Flood Appeal

Download the Appeal Poster here: MCR Flood Appeal Poster