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News: St Cuthbert’s Reopened and Water Level Warning

We reported in November that St. Cuthbert's Swallet, on Mendip had been closed due to instability in the entrance series Happily we can now report that the necessary remedial work has taken place and that ...

Event: Wessex Cave Club Ceilidh

Mendip clubs are highly competitive but also very sociable - a winning combination for having a great time! As an example of this, on the 12th March 2016 The Wessex Cave Club will be hosting ...

Exploration: Discovery and Survey of Upper Canada Cave

Correspondent: Nick Harding. Axbridge Caving Group have broken into the long lost Upper Canada Cave in Hutton, near Western-super-Mare. The discovery of Upper Canada Cave came about during the quest for the lost cave of Hutton visited ...

News: St Cuthbert’s Closed

Due to instability in the entrance series St Cuthbert’s has been closed until work to fix the problem has been carried out. The BEC committee have taken the decision, which they say they have not taken lightly.  ...