Newsflash: Movement Reported in Ogof Draenen’s Second Boulder Choke

Following an incident on Saturday 27th January 2018, it has been reported to the Pwll Du Cave Management Group (PDCMG) that there has been some movement in the area of the squeeze in the 2nd boulder choke in the Ogof Draenen Main Streamway. It is possible that this squeeze may have got slightly tighter.

Please take extra care in the 2nd boulder choke and keep an eye out for loose boulders or signs of movement. Following a visit, any reports on the state of the boulder choke would be greatly appreciated by the wider caving community. If you are undertaking the round trip, you may wish to do it in an anti-clockwise direction, until the state of the choke and size of the squeeze has been assessed. Larger cavers may wish to pay special attention to this report.

Correspondent: Dan Thorne, PDCMG Permit Secretary