Size matters, so does depth …

Descent 278 will be out shortly, and although we’re back in lockdown again, there’s plenty to read about so do make sure your subscription is up to date! And if you don’t already read Descent, now is a really good time to start!

In this issue there’s more news of the major breakthrough in Cussey Pot in the Peak District, and the cave continues to reveal its secrets. Placing hangers isn’t always the easiest job, and in Yorkshire’s Broken Finger Pot this proved more of a challenge than was at first anticipated.

If you fancy taking a commercial tour of the caves of Vietnam, including the immense Hang Son Doong, Martyn Farr’s superb photos are bound to whet your appetite. Who says size doesn’t matter? Closer to home, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu in South Wales, the deepest cave in the UK, has just become a little bit deeper.

A dig in Kilnsey Crag in Wharfedale has fascinated cavers for years; Steve Warren looks at how its secrets are starting to unravel. And a lockdown, it transpires, cannot get determined cavers down … but it can keep them underground, digging and digging away.

Another member of the community has departed, and in a tribute to Len Dawes, you’ll also learn more about the fascinating speleohistory of Swildon’s Hole in the Mendips.

Find out how you did in the Cryptic Cavers crossword in the previous issue and take a trip down memory lane in Write it Down! the column that aims to keep as many memories alive as possible.

Remember that Descent magazine is run by cavers for cavers and that your subscription is important in these difficult times. Every issue is packed with caving news and features, accompanied by stunning photos, and this issue holds an extra eight pages. Don’t miss out, and if you haven’t taken a subscription out yet, then head over to Wildplaces Publishing, who’ll be delighted to welcome you on board!