Somerset Underground – Volume One. Book Launch


The Mendip Cave Registry and Archive (MCRA) are pleased to announce the launch of Volume 1 of ‘Somerset Underground’, at the Hunters’ Lodge Inn at 8 p.m. on Saturday 7th March. Costing a rock-bottom bargain price of just £10, Volume 1 comprises 275 pages and contains details of more than 750 natural caves, sea caves, mines, sinks, risings, springs, holy wells and artificial underground sites in Bristol, the Avon Gorge, Broadfield Down, the entire Bristol Channel and West Somerset (Milverton, Quantocks, Brendons and Exmoor). Copies will be obtainable via post shortly after from the MCRA website. Volume 2 (West Mendip, Burrington and North Mendip) is complete and is currently in the artwork stage. It should be available in the Spring or Summer 2020. Volumes 3 (Central and South Mendip) and 4 (East Mendip, Bath and South Somerset) are on course for completion in 2021. The four volumes combined cover more than 2200 sites throughout Somerset and the MCRA have re-visited all that remain practicably accessible, including almost 400 previously unrecorded sites totalling in excess of 1.8km of ‘new’ underground passage!