News: Suicide Cave Update

We recently reported that a loose section of wall in Suicide Cave posed a potential risk. Pete Knight has been in touch again with an update to the situation.

A chain barrier has been installed in the cave just prior to the scramble up to the first pitch. The work was carried out in consultation with the National Trust and intended as a warning for members of the public straying into the cave, who will hopefully be less likely to wonder off past a safety barrier with their mobile phone lights and should therefore stay well clear of the unstable area near the far pitch.

This is NOT an access restriction to cavers and nothing has changed in that regards. Cavers can simply lift the left side of the chain and duck under.

Nothing has yet been done to stabilise the far pitch or assess the anchors so it is still suggested that cavers give that part of the system a miss for the time being. The rest of the system is as it has always been.

Plans are in motion to secure this loose area of rock at the far pitch. It’s recommend cavers stay away from this part of the cave until remedial works have been completed and the anchors have been inspected for their integrity. Safety notices may well appear in or at the cave in the near future. Derbyshire Caving Association will update via web and social media when the work is completed.