The BCA is missing you – here’s how to get the newsletter!

BCA Online

Last night the latest BCA newsletter should have popped into your inbox, but the chances are it didn’t. Despite earlier appeals here and elsewhere BCA newsletter editor David Rose has confirmed that only eight per cent of the membership are currently signed up to receive the newsletter by email – just 520 members. The good news is caving clubs are doing rather better, with 170 so far signed up. If you didn’t receive it and would like to in future read on …

Since 2015 the newsletter has only been distributed by email and via the BCA website. The BCA is a separate organisation to your club so even if your club has passed on your email address they still need your permission before they can email you.

The sign-up process is a little complicated but hopefully the quick guide below will help!

If you haven’t registered you’ll need to first – it’s is easy enough to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Request login details’, enter your email address and click ‘Submit’
  3. If your email address is not found it means BCA do not have it. Email [email protected] – as well as your email address, please include your full name, BCA membership number (from your membership card) and full address. (Hint: you may need to update your details with your club secretary)
  4. If your email address is found the BCA will send you an email with a link to set your password and login

Once you have logged on:

  1. Click on ‘Your profile’ and check your contact and insurance details
  2. Click on ‘Email preferences’ to opt in to receive an email copy of the BCA newsletter