Training: Cave Surveying Group Therion Training Course

The BCA Cave Surveying Group have just announced an Intermediate Therion training course.

The scope of this training course is to improve the skills of people who ideally as a minimum have attended a CSG Paperless Surveying training course or are currently using Therion for their mapping projects.

The course is not aimed at people new to Therion. Attendees must have a working knowledge of the software for everybody to get the most out of the weekend.

Underground sessions are not planned as this is primarily a software training course.

Areas Covered:

• Project hierarchy and management, pros and cons of different methods
• How to manage and plan your surveying in more complicated caves to get the best out of Therion
• survey/endsurvey centreline/endcenterline, what does it all mean.
• Index files and Joining maps together
• Extended and projected elevation best practice
• Config files
• Layout files, how to use, what you can do
• The use of flags and other instructions
• How to handle surface surveys
• Locating cross sections on main index maps
• Surface overlays
• How to make Loch models look better

The course will be held at the British Caving Library at Glutton Bridge over the weekend of the 10th-11th of November. The venue was chosen for its central location and it has the added benefit of being a great resource absolutely crammed with some of the very things we want to produce with the software.

Accommodation has been arranged at the nearby Orpheus Caving Club cottage. Normal cottage fees will apply – you can find details at

Places will be limited to 10 trainees.

Please contact Nick at [email protected] for more information or to book a place.