New UIS statement on Russian invasion earns thanks from Ukrainian cavers

The International Union of Speleology (UIS), who were last week condemned by the Ukrainian Speleological Association and the international caving community for their original statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have now reconsidered their position and issued a revised statement.

The new statement is reproduced below:

International Union of Speleology - Revised and modified Statement on the Ukrainian war


UIS President George Veni has urged members to contact their national delegates if they would like the General Assembly to consider any additional action. A list of delegates can be found here.

Dr Alexander Klimchouk, who accepted an offer of honorary membership from the British Cave Research Association (BCRA), told Darkness Below that the Ukrainian Speleological Association have responded as follows:

The Ukrainian Speleological Association welcomes the revised UIS Bureau Statement on the war in Ukraine, which is now strong and unambiguous. We deeply thank the international speleological community for the powerful support of Ukraine and its people in these dramatic times. We thank the UIS Bureau for making our position and numerous voices of support heard and recognised. Ukraine continues its struggle for freedom and democracy and is determined to win. The international support is invaluable.

Presidium of the Ukr.S.A.